Spotted Hyena, Crocuta crocuta
Ngorongorno Crater, Tanzania

There are three species of hyenas. I 'm not really sure about this one on the picture, but it looks like a 'spotted' one. The Spotted Hyena is heavy built, weight about 70kg and has a sloping back. The coat is short and shaggy with black spots on the side. Their appearance could perhaps suggest a relationship with dogs but they are not, and they are neither relative to the cats.

The hyena is known to be a scavenger, following hunting lions or wild dogs. This is not totally true. The Spotted Hyena, which is the most aggressive of the hyenas, is actually a very good hunter. A  pack of them could pull down a game the size of a Zebra. They are mainly nocturnal and we where lucky to see this one close in the bright sunlight.