Lion, Pantera leo
Young Male
Masai Mara, Kenya

This male we found relaxing in the shadow together with another male, but they was very disturbed by our presents, and soon took of.

Unmistakable. A lion weights around 180kg. They are very social, polygamous, rarely seen alone, and lives in families or prides. They hunt mainly during the night but more often also during the day than other cats. During the heat of the day the sleep under trees or bushes and they have a reputation of being lazy. They rarely climb trees.


Lion, Pantera leo
Ngorongorno Crater, Tanzania

This shaggy male was hiding from the sun in the shadow of our cars, while he was watching his two females hunt down a warthog. He was so exited about the hunt that he couldn't have cared less about us.

The prey on various herbivorous animal, generally larger species like zebras and wildebeest. They never race their prey as the cheetah. The crouch on the ground until close to the victim. The lioness do the killing more frequently than the male. But they do not hunt often, the annual kills could be as low as 20 for each lion.