Chongqing is both a city and a province. The place is very crowded. 30 million people lives in the province, six of them in the city. 







Like the many other cities on the Yangzi riverside, it lays high over the water level. This city is even more hilly than Wushan and Wanzhou. Not a single bike was spotted in the city, as it is simply impossible to bike here. 


Chongqing looks beautiful by night

The residents them self's call their city "Mountain city - Hazy city - Hot city". I understand why, it's surrounded by mountains, I was sweating like a pig and so far it's always hazy.

At night time the city glows. All the boats is nicely lighten up and so are many buildings.








I spent a day strolling around in the city. Tried to find as many stairs as possibly, which wasn't that hard.


Chongqing is quite a boring place. A big city without any specific tourist spots. You only goes here to catch a train or boat. It was the only province where the ATM didn't accept my Visa-card and my Hotmail didn't work. 







Nice and cheap food.



The beautiful flower street in central Chongqing.